ACTION is a grassroots community organization which seeks to unite faith groups, schools, neighborhood organizations, tenant councils, and other non-profits to work for social justice.


Guided by our faith traditions, shared values, and multi-cultural collaboration, we strive to develop a community of diverse leaders committed to raising awareness and seeking solutions to overcome poverty, racism, and social injustice.

Our programs teach that a healthy community can only be achieved if human rights are protected and responsibilities are met

It is also key to ACTION’s efforts that protections of our most vulnerable members of our society, are met, by striving to minimize the division between rich and poor. Lastly ACTION’s efforts showcase the belief that we, as members of the same human family, have more in common than are our differences. It is our belief that we are charged to take care of one another.  This philosophy serves to unite likeminded people, and organizational entities.  

Specifically, ACTION is working with its partners to:

Non-Profit, Membership-Based Organization

ACTION, Alliance for Congregational Transformation Influencing Our Neighborhoodsis a non-profit, tax-exempt organization incorporated in the State of Ohio. It is a membership-based organization composed of 30 institutions. In 1999, a group of pastors and directors of local organizations approached the Gamaliel Foundation to seek direction and support to build a powerful grassroots community organization.